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If you have just purchased or already live in a period property with black exposed timbers or structural beams and you are considering mechanical or chemical stripping to restore their natural aesthetic, STOP!
Undertaking beam stripping carries with it many downsides and if your property is listed then stripping may be prohibited under planning rules.

Beam stripping is an incredibly invasive solution to removing the black colour. Even with chemical-based hand-stripping, the mess, dust and labour required are significant. The room or even the entire property may need vacating from a practical perspective and aside from the damage that may be done to the beams, stripping is a very expensive option.

The biggest issue with stripping is the impact on the archaeological evidence which is layered on the beam. The black paint may look like a recent addition but beneath it may lie centuries of other paints and treatments, some of which may contain harmful substances. Cutting into this history with powerful chemical or machinery not only removes that history but risks exposing those historic substances. It is for this reason that we invented our process in 1997.


Rather than stripping back the layers which create the rich history of the building’s construction and development, we apply an additional cosmetic layer that helps to highlight the original features of the timber, whilst also lightening the look and feel.

Our solution enhances what is already present and allows you to balance aesthetics with conservation. We simply create another step in the long timeline already associated with your property.


No Need to Clear the Room – Simply protect valuables and furniture as if you were decorating.

Fast – The process is fast. We recommend ventilating the area in question for 24 hours post application, but only to aid the drying process. Rooms can typically be used again on the same day.

Mess-Free – With our process there is no need for messy and disruptive sandblasting or any other blasting method, mechanical or chemical stripping. It is the only mess-free alternative to blasting and stripping. The process is applied with brushes only.

Highlights Original Features – Where black paint hides features, our process accentuates and Highlights original timber features.

Can be Removed – When creating our treatment, we also made sure that it can be easily removed if necessary, again without the need for blasting or stripping.

Preserves Historical Integrity – Our process is a cosmetic treatment applied to the timber, without the removal of any historic paint or timber layers.

Non-hazardous – We do not use corrosive chemicals in our process. All applications are water-based and virtually odourless


If you would like a quote, please send us some pictures of the room(s) along with room dimensions and the address of the property. Thank you.

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