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Oak has nearly always been the wood material of choice for exposed beams and structural timbers. Its core strength, natural elegance and historic availability meant it had the perfect characteristics for building house frames. Today, oak remains a popular and attractive material for creating a warm, period feel to properties. But as with all wooden beams and structural timbers, exposure to the elements and the natural ageing can leave beams needing some TLC. Dirt and dust, knocks and bumps and potentially numerous layers of decorative treatments can leave beams looking tired and discoloured, losing their rich warmth and creating inconsistencies in look and style within single rooms.

Oak beam conservation involves a careful process of matching the original colour, the age and style of the property or the most prevalent tone within the beams and then sympathetically harmonising all the beams to create a clean, consistent and refreshed feel.


No Need to Clear the Room – Simply protect valuables and furniture as if you were decorating.

Fast – The process is fast. We recommend ventilating the area in question for 24 hours post application, but only to aid the drying process. Rooms can typically be used again on the same day.

Mess-Free – With our process there is no need for messy and disruptive sandblasting or any other blasting method, mechanical or chemical stripping. It is the only mess-free alternative to blasting and stripping. The process is applied with brushes only.

Highlights Original Features – Where black paint hides features, our process accentuates and Highlights original timber features.

Can be Removed – When creating our treatment, we also made sure that it can be easily removed if necessary, again without the need for blasting or stripping.

Preserves Historical Integrity – Our process is a cosmetic treatment applied to the timber, without the removal of any historic paint or timber layers.

Non-hazardous – We do not use corrosive chemicals in our process. All applications are water-based and virtually odourless


If you would like a quote, please send us some pictures of the room(s) along with room dimensions and the address of the property. Thank you.

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